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April 18, 2014

B.C.’s New B-20-like Guideline

mortgage-rules-2012In June 2012 Canada’s banking regulator (OSFI) created guideline B-20 to tighten underwriting practices on conventional mortgages.

To date, provincially regulated lenders (like credit unions) haven’t been significantly impacted by B-20 because OSFI only supervises federally regulated lenders.

But now, for the first time (that we know of), a province has put forth its own underwriting standards along the lines of OSFI’s B-20. That province is B.C. and these are its proposed Residential Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines (PDF).

CMT asked Doug McLean, Deputy Superintendent of FICOM, for details on why these rules were needed and what effect they’ll have. Among other things, it looks like we might be saying goodbye to 80% loan-to-value revolving HELOCs in B.C.

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April 15, 2014

Rate Chatter

Market AnalyzeSome rate-related tidbits from across the market…

About Face in Yields: Two weeks ago the 5-year government yield (which leads fixed mortgage rates) was poised to break out to the upside. It has since made an abrupt U-turn and fallen 15 basis points. That suggests that widely available 2.99% five-year fixed rates will persist at least another week or two — maybe longer.

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Mortgage Careers of the Week


Company: SAFEBRIDGE Financial Group
Position Title: SafeBridge Client Service Representative
Years of Experience Required: 5 years experience
Are licences or registrations required?  Preferred but not required
Location of Position: Toronto, Ontario
Applicants may contact:


Company: Magenta Mortgage
Position Title: Business Development Manager - Southwestern Ontario
Years of Experience Required: 5 years experience
Are licences or registrations required?  NA
Location of Position: Kitchener Waterloo, Guelph, London - Remote Role
Applicants may contact:


Company: Magenta Mortgage
Position Title: Mortgage Underwriter
Years of Experience Required: 5 years experience
Are licences or registrations required?  NA
Location of Position: Ottawa, Ontario or Perth, Ontario
Applicants may contact:

Click on the position title above for more information. Advertise your mortgage job opening today! Click here to post. Or browse CMT's Mortgage Jobs Database.

April 14, 2014

B-21. Here at Last

B-21There’s been so much speculation on whether OSFI’s long-awaited B-21 mortgage insurer guidelines will slow the housing market.

Well, now that we’ve seen the draft, that seems unlikely. In fact, B-21 is simple, practical and sound policy, and most of the guidelines have already been adopted by lenders and insurers.

Here’s what’s new:

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April 10, 2014

O’Leary Mortgages is No More

kevin_olearyCanada’s most outspoken capitalist has pulled the plug on brokering. After a little over a year in the business, Kevin O’Leary’s mortgage operation has closed.

Alex Kenjeev, President O'Leary Ventures, told CMT this:

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April 09, 2014

The Down Payment Hurdle

canadian dollar houseNine out of ten Canadians would rather own than rent, according to a new Genworth Canada study.¹ But the down payment often stands in their way.

A recent Vancity poll found that 60% of first-time buyers in B.C., for example, find down payment requirements to be a barrier to home ownership.

Nationally, 53% of homebuyers are worried they might miss their dream home because they’re short on the down payment.

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April 07, 2014

Alterna & Pace Wed: What it Means for Mortgagors

Alterna-Pace-MergeWe’ll see a number of credit unions merge this year. The latest is Alterna Savings and Pace Credit Union.

By combining, the two have leaped into the top 10 credit unions in the country, by both assets (now $4.1 billion) and members (now 140,000+). See the current rankings.

The deal should benefit mortgage consumers on multiple fronts.

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April 04, 2014

MCAN & Xceed’s New X-Series Mortgage

Xceed_MCANXceed Mortgage has been reinventing itself ever since the financial crisis, when liquidity dried up and killed its bread-and-butter business: uninsured non-prime mortgages.

Since then, Xceed has offered mostly plain-Jane insured mortgages…until now. The company has launched a new X-Series mortgage. It's an uninsured product that competes with the likes of Home Trust, Equitable Bank and Optimum Mortgage.

The launch reflects both Xceed’s end goal (to be more than a run-of-the-mill insured lender) and the capabilities of its new owner, MCAN.


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April 01, 2014

Home Trust Launches 90% LTV Bundle

Home-TrustHome Trust has taken bundle mortgages to the next level.

Bundle mortgages consist of an uninsured first mortgage to 80% loan-to-value (LTV) plus a second mortgage for additional funds. Since the financial crisis, they haven't generally exceeded 85% LTV total. Home Trust now offers one at 90%.

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March 30, 2014

Setting Sail for the Future

Yesterday Now Tomorrow Signpost Shows Schedule Diary Or PlanWe’ve spent the last seven years advocating for mortgage brokers. That’s on the public record.

Why? Because nothing has replaced a skilled mortgage professional who can deal with multiple lenders.

But it would be foolish and self-serving to suggest that other channels, be they retail — e.g., bank and credit union advisors, online discount brokers or direct-to-consumer lenders — cannot provide the value that many consumers seek.

So how does the editor of a mortgage news site balance those two realities when now being part of a broker-centric organization? That question came up Friday in an industry forum and it deserves an answer.

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